A Precious Book dated 1848

16 Nov

Many years ago at the time I was interested in antiques, and had my own antique shop in Stourport-on-Seven Worcestershire England. Many people around the area would come and sit with me and discuss about antiques, some obviously to glean some knowledge with regard to a small or even large object they thought to be of some value.

During this time a very sprightly elderly but eccentric lady was one of those frequent visitors and we became good friends. Her name was Mrs Metcalf but widowed, she was an historian and studied the Ley-lines which at that time I knew nothing about, since I was not an archaeologist then. One day my friend invited me to her house, she wanted me to see her collection of antique books, I was also astounded to learn that in her younger days she had been an engineer which was unusual for a woman in those days.

During that afternoon we had coffee and some dainty little fairy cakes she had made. When my friend, her name was Alice !  suddenly got up from her chair and disappeared  into her library and came back to hand me a beautiful leather bound book saying, “I would like you to have this book,” I  didn’t realize why at first until she said, “take a look ,it  is because it is all about a young lady in Victorian times who has the same name as yourself, Roberts ” . The book is dated 1848.   Of course Roberts is my married name but I must stress that this book has no connection with me whatsoever . The young lady’s first name is Edith. My friend Alice just thought that I would like to own it. I was delighted and took it home with pride.

The book seems to be an inventory about love life and poems, also there are some beautiful paintings and sketches which I managed to scan for you to see the lovely handwriting which I am hoping  is clear enough to read.

Roberts Book Cover 1848

Edith Roberts  Book Cover  1848

Roberts Edith

Edith Roberts

Roberts A Poem

A Poem

Roberts Flowers (1)

Sketch of Flowers. From Edith Roberts book 1848

Roberts Painting (2)

Painting from Edith Roberts Book 1848

Roberts Flowers (2)

Painting from Edith Roberts book 1848

Roberts Finish

There are several more poems but do not scan clear enough to read.


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