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Lost languages discovered in one of the worlds oldest continuously run libraries.

via Lost languages discovered in one of the world’s oldest continuously run libraries

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Update on KoKo and introducing Mitsi.

While most of my followers will remember that almost three years ago we, that is my partner and me adopted a rescue dog whom we named Koko. Just to refresh your memory you may remember that 2 months after we had him he was acting very strange. He would hide under tables or anywhere for protection. At first we thought maybe he had been mistreated  as he also began to back away from us,by this time he was also refusing his food. Up until then he had been very friendly and lovable..We took him to the Vet who told us that he had been bitten by the sand fly, this apparantly is a life threatening desease but if caught in time can be kept under control ,he was only eighteen months old. He has to take tablets for the rest of his life and a blood test every six months The result of his last blood test showed up as having crystals in his urine so that was another tablet for him to take in order to clear that up, However, he is back to his bright and energetic self and has put on some weight

Koko  guarding his treat.

KoKo waiting to play.


Mitsi is the new addition to the family,she is a young cockatiel bird and only two months old. It is advisable to buy a baby bird if you want to teach it to  talk and for Mitsi the time is now. Experts say that its more likely that the male species which talk and not the females, but guess what, I’m lucky she is talking and singing. Up to now Mitsi has three words to her vocabulary which are..”.what yer doin ”   short for what are you doing”, ” gimme a kiss”  short for give me a kiss and pretty girl.  Mitsi also whistles  ” half a pound of tuppeny rice”  some of you may not know that tune though.

Mitsi is let out of her cage for a couple of hours a day where she perches on her play station .then when the mood takes her she will fly around the room. So far so good as she has not done any damage. She likes to sit on my shoulder while looking for any mischief she can get up to which is usually when I am working on my Linear B study, so I put her on top of her cage which she does not like and turns her back on me and looks at the curtain. That doesn’t last long because after a couple of minutes she goes to her play station.  Mitsi is quite interested in my book case and likes to explore around the books, as a matter of fact there is so much in my study room for her to explore but she is beginning to behave and do as she is told. Koko is not at all bothered because he was brought up knowing there are birds in the house anyway .I have two love birds in the living room but I will talk about those on another update.






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