13 Mar

An Evolving Life

Copies, replicas, fakes & forgeries formed the topic of a temporary exhibition I recently saw in the archaeological museum of Thessaloniki. Copies spanned from antiquity to modern times. It started with the Bronze Age mass produced mould made objects, to classical (rather degraded) copies of classic Attic red and black figure pottery in provincial areas, Celtic replicas of Greek coins which garbled the words on the coins, Roman replication of standard statue bodies where individual portrait heads were attached, later pagan Roman busts re-carved into early Christian saints, 19th century plaster casts (for the creation of Cast Galleries) and replication of antiquities for the commercial market (often veering off into the murky world of forgeries), to the 20th and 21st century tourist kitsch, including Playmobile mythological figures. All the displays were interesting, but one really caught my eye. It was created specifically for the exhibition.

The portrait is a mosaic…

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