Glyphosate Shown to Disrupt Microbiome

09 May

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According to an article in The Guardian UK online, levels of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide found in the human bloodstream have spiked by more than a 1,000% in the last two decades. It goes on to say that the substance was recently re-licensed for a shortened five-year lease by the EU despite scientists saying that it poses “a significant public health concern”.

Their study’s three peer-reviewed papers will be published in Environmental Health later in May, ahead of a €5m follow-up study that will compare the safe level against multiple other doses. Source

The UK is viewed as having a restrictive approach towards GMOs and crops but recently there appears to have been a shift toward acceptance. GMO crops are currently not grown commercially in the UK, but they are imported as animal feed. Source

Media reports depict the British public as averse to the use of genetically modified crops…

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