Blueberry Flax Muffins

27 May

low carb for life

In the 1990’s Cafe Nero had just begun to appear on our streets and the healthy ingredient of choice was bran. If you were into health food, you were into bran. Unfortunately, this admittedly high fibre ingredient is also high in starch and the anti nutrient phytic acid.

A breakfast combo on the way to work for me back then, and especially in the summer, was a skimmed milk iced latte with a bran & sultana muffin. Believing this was a healthy choice I was oblivious to the sugary thickener in the lactose laden latte and the flour, sugar, and dried fruit in the muffin. But those muffins were delicious!

So, Sunday having come around again and the weather warming up, I decided to hit the kitchen and rustle-up a low carb version. The closest recipe I could find was Blueberry Muffins but for this I included two tablespoons of

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