A Personal Side Effect of Eating Low Carb

24 Jun

low carb for life

Adopting a low carb lifestyle, for me, has had an interesting and enlightening side-effect. Not only eating with health in mind, but also eating with the planet in mind. A third of the world’s food is lost during production or just thrown away, 10% during cultivation, 7% after the harvest, 12% lost during processing and another 11% after it has been purchased.

A growing movement is taking steps to try and tackle this problem and one of these pioneers is Ultima, a five star restaurant in Helsinki, aiming to be a model of sustainability by going zero waste and hyper local, by growing all of their ingredients right on the premises. Crickets grown in light bulbs and herbs & vegetables grown using airponics, an approach based on circular economics where waste is seen as a resource and reducing the need for water, transport and energy.

Deforesting the land to…

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