That Old Greek and Latin Grammar Fetish

11 Jul


Noah Porter, The American Colleges and the American Public:

“The student of Corneille and Goethe is also mainly conversant with modern ideas and modern civilization. However exquisite the diction or masterly the genius of his writer, the sentiments and passions are all modern. But the student of Virgil and of Homer cannot painfully translate a few books of the Aeneid or the Odyssey, without entering into the thoughts, sympathizing with the feelings, and living somewhat of the life, of human beings greatly unlike those whom he has ever known or imagined, whose thoughts and feelings do not repel him by their strangeness, so much as they attract him by their dignity and truth, and open to him a new world of sentiment and emotion.

The people, into whose life he very imperfectly learns to enter, though in many respects so unlike the men of present times, are yet closely connected…

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