Fake Meat and the Rise of the Plant Based Burger

13 Aug

low carb for life

Veganism and to a lesser extent, vegetarianism, collectively rebranded as “plant based” eating is growing at an exponential rate, especially among millennials. This unprecedented growth has attracted the attention of high profile celebs such as Bill Gates who has invested in one of the many plant based or “fake meat” successes, the Impossible Burger. The fast food staple seems to be reinventing itself as a healthy, sustainable alternative to its animal predecessor proclaiming its virtues as being better for the environment and better for our health. Far less water and animal feed are needed to produce these burgers and plants have the added benefit of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air compared to the gaseous emissions from Methane producing cows. All very laudable…so far.

A plant based alternative to the conventional burger is nothing new though, the 1980’s saw the rise of the veggie burger with Burger King jumping…

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