Spring-Almost-and this bakers thoughts turn to Wild yeast!

03 Mar


Topic-Bread and wild yeast

It is most often called sourdough and most of the time I call it that too( it somehow seems simpler even if it’s too often associated with San Francisco) but what’s bubbling and starting foam in my laundry room right now is a much older strain of wild yeast, one that comes directly  from the Giza Plateau in Egypt. I’m putting a link for Sourdough International on my blog roll for any of you who are interested in trying a different strain of wild yeast for your bread. It’s where I bought mine, except the Oregon strains. Ed Wood’s books are a must too!

This is the third batch of Giza Sourdough I’ve started since 2004 along with a French, San Francisco and two native strains from my home state or Oregon. With the small space I have to keep cultures I have to start over from time to time but the fascination of watching…

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