summer haiku d’été – see me play the flute = je joue de la flûte

20 May

Minoan Linear A, Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae

summer haiku d'été – see me play the flute = je joue de la flûte

see me play the fluteda-dancing in the moonlight?meow we'll have funje joue de la flûtem'y vois-tu au clair de lune ?miaou on s'amuseRichard Vallance© by/ par Richard Vallancegreeting card with a Tuxedo cat/ carte de voeux illustrée avec un chat Tuxedo!!!!!So sing along!Dancing in the MoonlightWe get it on most every night
When that moon is big and bright
It's a supernatural delight
Everybody was dancin' in the moonlightEverybody here is out of sight
They don't bark and they don't bite
They keep things loose, they keep things light
Everybody was dancing in the moonlightDancing in the moonlight
Everybody's feeling warm and bright
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancing in the moonlightWe like our fun and we…

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