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Depicting writing

Depicting writing

The overwhelming tendency to talk about writing systems as linguistic codes (which they usually are in some sense) has often ignored other important aspects of writing. For instance, one way way we can study writing is as a practice or action, because writing is a thing you do. At CREWS we have been particularly interested in developing the ways we look at writing practices, because this is an area with important ramifications for the way writing looks and the place of writing in a society (and in fact you can hear me speaking about some of these issues at the beginning of this seminar video).

1280px-Scribe_E3023_mp3h8780Fourth Dynasty Egyptian statue of a seated scribe: close-up detail. Image from here.

But how can we reconstruct the ways in which writing was done, accomplished or performed in the ancient world? The nature of the act of writing is extremely dependant…

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Astroku 23– okami white wolf = okami loup blanc

Minoan Linear A, Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae

Astroku 23– okami white wolf = okami loup blanc

English:5-7-5okami * white wolfmahingan aanakwadoon *the grace in our dreamstranslation:the white wolfthe wolf of the cloudsthe grace in our dreams  * Okami is the Japanese word for “wolf” and the kanji character appears right above the photo here.* Ojibway is an Amerindian language spoken around Eastern Ontario and West Quebec, and “mahingan aanakwadoon” * means “the wolf of the clouds”. When a white wolf appears in your dreams, he signifies grace.français :5-7-5okami * loup blancmahingan aanakwadoon *la grâce dans nos rêvestraduction :le loup blancle loup des nuagesla grâce dans nos rêves* Okami, c'est le mot japonais qui signifie “le loup”. Le symbole kanji qui signifie “okami” s'affiche au dessus de la photo du loup céleste.* L'Ojibway est une langue amérindienne qui…

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A Thousand Loaves of Bread

What a lovely thought Joanna.


Topic: A friends passing

Today I want to share with you the passing of a friend of mine and a devoted eater of my bread, Rev Harold Moss, Church of the Eternal Source. Only my husband who only eats my bread and no other( except perhaps sandwich bread), has given me so much pleasure by the look on his face when he sees I’ve baked another loaf. I meet Harold in 2004 and soon discovered he had a love of food, and an appreciation of bread which he treated like a fine wine. I gave him a loaf of bread that first time, which I think he must have taken over a month to eat, only having a small piece at a time, savoring every morsel. Who could, I ask ,pass up making bread for such a devoted fan. After that first time, it became  a tradition to make bread everytime  we went to…

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Minoan Linear A, Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae

Astroku 14 what soul?  a black hole = quelle âme ? un trou noirin loving memory of George Floyd, brutally murdered by a policeman in Minneapolis, USA, on  May 25 2020 

what soul? a black holeslaughters an innocent souluniverse in tearsà la mémoire de George Floyd, abattu par un policier à Minneapolis, aux États-Unis, le 25 mai 2020  quelle âme ? un trou noirabat une âme innocentel'univers en larmesRichard Vallance© by/par Richard Vallance 2020 special effects/ effets spéciaux photos public domain Pixabay = a black hole + the Bubble Nebuladomaine public Pixabay = un trou noir + la Nébuleuse de la Bulle 

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