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“Diary of A Diabetic Kid” – The story behind “Gabriel’s Diabetic Kitchen”

low carb for life

We have probably all heard the rather patronising expression “It’s so simple even a child could understand it”, when comes to understanding more about nutrition than governments and health ‘experts’, twelve year old Gabriel Van Wesemael has certainly proven this.

In 2015 he was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic which changed his life for ever but, with the help of a knowledgeable doctor he discovered the benefits of a low carb diet. He set out to create a networking platform to help diabetics to access the resources for starting their own low carb diet and even produced a series of enlightening short documentaries including one with his hero Prof. Tim Noakes (below) who invited him to become an Official Friend of The Noakes Foundation.

In ‘My Visit to the Vet’ Gabriel was interested to know how vets treat Diabetic pets, so he went to talk to Dr Ronald…

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Agios Nikolaos, Crete , Archaeological Museum Golden Needle with Minoan Linear A


Agios Nikolaos, Crete , Archaeological Museum

Is the Minoan Golden Needle  given by Jean Piere Olivier in 1981 genuine?

By Sven Buchholz

Gorilla. CR Zf 1. Epingle d΄or. Measure 5 cm !


I first came to visit the archaeological museum of Agios Nikolaos in 1993. This archaeological Museum is relatively small, but with regard to findings from the Minoan epoch it is amongst the biggest in the world. This is probably because the most interesting Minoan findings were made within a 100 km range from Agios Nikolaos. The Museum of Sitia, also in the same province Lasithi, has also got a substantial collection from the same period.The museum is exhibiting big and small objects from the early Minoan period and up to the Hellenic  around 400 BC.

In order to absorb all you can see in the museum it is necessary to take a small section only at atime …

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Video: Final DNA analysis of Windover Pond People in Florida

Video:  Final DNA analysis of Windover Pond People in Florida

The Americas Revealed

This is an excellent example of why anthropologists need to stop trying to create “one size fits all” speculations about the peopling of the Americas. There are too many exceptions!

When the original archaeological reports from the Windover Pond People were publicized in National Geographic Magazine, I was extremely busy with my architecture practice and cheese creamery in Virginia, plus had just met a sweet mademoiselle at a National Geographic Christmas Party, who I thought would be the love of my life. I did not have much time to give it deep thought. However, this drawing above intrigued me. It was exactly like the Neolithic burials at an ancient pond, now a bog, on Ven Island, Sweden. On that same island were petroglyphs that in the Southeastern United States would be labeled “Uchee and Creek sacred symbols.” How could that be?

Ven Island, Sweden in the Oresund Channel

The day…

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Counting On Sheep

low carb for life

In an earlier article I discussed my findings around the topic of vitamin D and the ongoing debate whether a deficiency in this pre-hormone results in worse outcomes from respiratory infections.

I was surprised at the time of discovering the vast amount of information out there on vitamin D that mainstream media hadn’t really covered it despite pleas to get the word out from David Davis MP and many scientists during the current situation and especially in the depths of winter when availability of sunlight is virtually non existent in countries north of the equator.

It seems that from the research, adequate vitamin D from food is minimal unless vast amounts of wild salmon and pasture raised egg yolks are consumed and therefore supplementation during the winter months is now even advised by our NHS, but where does the vitamin D in pill form come from?

I contacted the very…

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The Beauty of Pot Lids

Ritaroberts's Blog

In l835 George Baxter patented a printing process which was to revolutionize the production  of full color prints. Before this an engraving had to be hand tinted to produce a colored version, but first by printing the basic image in black outline from an engraved plate, then adding as many as twenty different colors, each printed from a separate plate, Baxter was able to produce exceedingly large amounts  of an image in color very quickly and inexpensively.

When one of Baxters employees left him in l848 to team up with another printer by the name of  F.W.Collins they patented a process similar to Baxters,but for printing on pottery. These men were able to evade the restrictions of Baxters patent by reversing the printing process.

Three separate colors- red-yellow and blue were printed first, then the black outline of the image was added. Felix Pratt a Staffordshire potter and the proprietor of…

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