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Fat Fiction – The Documentary

low carb for life

“For most of human history there has been very little starch or sugar in the human diet. In fact, if you put all of human history into one year, it’s only in the last day that we started eating grains or bread and it’s only in the last hour that people have been eating sugar.”
Mark Hyman MD

This 1 hour 40 minute documentary narrated by Mark Hyman MD delves deep into the world of low carb with contributions from many of the top names in the field of nutrition. The following quotes from the documentary sum up just some of the insights and revelations:

You can’t throw drugs at a dietary disease and expect to make it better
Jason Fung MD on Diabetes

It’s the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American people
Jonny Bowden Phd on Statins

It’s eye-wateringly lucrative to keep this idea going, that we need…

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How to make a clay tablet, part 1

It's All Greek To Me

As part of my research into writing practices in the Mycenaean palace of Pylos, I’m looking at how the clay tablets on which administrative documents were written in the Linear B script were made in the first place: after all, creating the object you’re going to write on is as crucial a part of the whole package of writing practices as actually doing the writing, even if we don’t know whether this was usually done by the writers themselves or by other tablet-makers. Earlier on I did some preliminary work preparing and trying out different clays, and now that I’ve been able to start examining the actual tablets in the National Archaeological Museum here in Athens, I’ve also started some more systematic experiments trying out different methods of tablet-making. I’ve just presented this work-in-progress at the European Association of Archaeologists‘ annual conference, so it seemed a…

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Game Changing Injection?

low carb for life

It’s all over media today, a ‘game changing’ injection to lower cholesterol. My only question is why?

Maybe these news outlets should show this incredible research instead .

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