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All about KoKo

Last week we lost our best friend and companion KoKo, he was a rescue dog and at the time was 18 months old. He was found roaming the streets in the pouring rain and starving when our friend who runs Takis Shelter here in Crete took him, to his shelter and looked after him among many other rescue dogs.

We had decided to look for another rescue dog after losing Ben our previous dog two years previous even though I said I would not have another dog because it’s so upsetting when you lose them ” famous last words” but we did of course. This is why we were at Takis Shelter Out of all the rescue dogs there Koko seemed to stand out from the others only because he was so quiet and was standing back from all the other dogs, we picked him up ,he was only a medium sized dog so easy to handle at the time, he didn’t shy away and he didn’t bark or growl so we thought he seems to have a nice nature. When we got him home he was so nervous that it took him about a week to settle and by this time we had named him KoKo.

About two months after, Koko became lathargic and wanted to hide under the table or any closed in space he could squeeze in. We took him to the Vet who thoroughly checked him over and discovered he had Lieshminiosis decease so was on medication for the rest of his life, we always knew when he had a set back which was usually about every 4 months or so by his hiding actions so, it was a regular trip to the Vet’s In between time Koko was lively and happy.

Everyone who has had a dog knows his or her little habits and if you have a routine they follow that routine for instance, KoKo knew that while I was preparing our evening meal at usually 5-0’clock he would be fed before we began our meal while he sat quietly at the kitchen door and didn’t move until we had finished our meal. Now I am not sure if whoever had him previously trained him but he was such an obedient dog and if you can say a dog is well mannered he was, because wherever I went say downstairs or outside he just stood back and let me go first . With regard to his medication which was a tablet morning and evening after his meal, but if I happened to forget Koko would just come into the kitchen and nudge me then sit and look at the cupboard where I kept his medication as if to say come on you forgot my tablet !!

My partner breeds birds and Koko liked to remind him that they need to be fed especially evening where again he would sit in front of my partner and stare and shuffle, as if to say come on it’s time to feed the birds,I think he associated this with the music of a certain program on the T.V. ,all our routines he seemed to he was a very loving dog and shared his affection by sitting between both of us during the evening when relaxing.

Two weeks ago Koko became quite ill and wasn’t eating very much,just a little every other day or so,we took him to our Vet who told us to leave him there for a few days so that she could monitor him, after 9 days we were told to go and see him because he still wasn’t eating, he was so pleased to see us so the Vet said he wants to be home with you but you have to make a decision because he is not goibng to get any better as his kidneys were gone and he was suffering,we brought him home and he seemed to pick up and began eating again but that lasted for two days,we went back to the Vet and had to make the dreaded decision. Those of you who have had and lost your pet know the feeling and it takes a long time to get over We miss KoKo so much.

KoKo found the sun.


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Four Years Remission – Sceptics & Statins

low carb for life

In 2017 I was diabetic and taking a combination of drugs as a consequence. The usual cocktail of Metformin, Gliclazide, Ramipril and of course…statins. When my GP told me that the effectiveness of the blood sugar lowering drugs was wearing off, Canagliflozin, which would effectively cause me to pass out the offending glucose in my urine, was prescribed.

By this point I was resigned to the dogma that it was going to be an inevitable decline and that more and more drugs would need to be added to combat this downward spiral of ill health and so happily accepted my doctors advise.

Then I discovered low carb and realised (with scepticism and trepidation) that there may be hope after all. After spending many, many hours poring over the works of Tim Noakes, Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholtz, Jason Fung, Steve Finney, Robert Lustig, Zoë Harcombe and more, I returned to my…

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