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What a Beautiful Box! I Will Put the Iliad In It

Plutarch, Life of Alexander 26.4 “When a small box was brought to him—which seem more valuable than the rest of the possessions and baggage they had taken from Dareios, [Alexander] asked his friends what thing seem especially worthy of being put in it. Although many of them made many suggestions, Alexander said that he would…

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Say Cheese! – Alkaline Phosphatase & the French Paradox

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The French Paradox, a term devised to rationalise the ‘decadent’ French diet, dripping in saturated fats from cheese, pate, butter, cream and alcohol from wine which runs contrary to low rates of cardiovascular disease in the French population.

Previous studies often focused on resveratrol, the antioxidant in red wine as an explanation of the paradox but, studies have found that the fermented milk components in cheese stimulate the production of an intestinal enzyme called alkaline phosphatase. This could have benefits in addition to wine by reducing systemic inflammation resulting in improved cardiovascular health.


The image of a sumptuous wedge of cheese and bottle of aged red wine is considered forbidden by current dogma yet years of research show that a French diet may lower incidence of heart disease. Although the beneficial properties of antioxidants in red wine may go some way to explain the French Paradox, the benefits may actually…

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The Mycenaean Scribes and the Linear B Scripts

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It was after making surprising studies related to ancient Greece that Heinrich Schliemann attempted an archaeological dig at Mycenae in August 1876. The nature of the discoveries at Mycenae were so dramatic that Mycenaean became the name for the whole culture that spread across Greece. Although Schliemann discovered no writing, his student Arthur Evans did. On Crete he found tablets with two types of scripts which he named Linear A and Linear B. Later Linear B Tablets were found on the mainland associated with the Mycenaean culture. In 1952 Michael Ventris identified a decipherment of Linear B as an old form of Greek and new information became available about the nature of the Mycenaean culture.

The texts turned out to be accounting lists rather than poetry of mythology. This writing system system was most likely confined to a minority of the population who were professional scribes. I correlated the information…

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Drinking wine in ancient Greece was a divine but demanding business 


Garry Shaw

3 September 2021

A small cup, currently on display in the temporary exhibition ‘Drinking with the Gods’ at La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, held a small surprise for any ancient Greek who’d finished sipping their wine and peered with sadness into its dry, empty interior. A satyr is painted within, his tail in the air as he dives head first into a vat of wine, his own tiny cup left below, untouched. Such behaviour was frowned upon in Greek society, I learn, because drinking wine was a divine affair, involving the proper rituals and respect for the gods, which separated the Greeks from the barbarians. The satyr, it seems, had forgotten his good manners. Luckily for us modern wine-drinkers, there’s no longer any risk of embarrassing ourselves like a drunken satyr, because this intoxicating exhibition explains how we can avoid insulting the Greek and Roman gods…

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