Say Cheese! – Alkaline Phosphatase & the French Paradox

17 Apr

low carb for life

The French Paradox, a term devised to rationalise the ‘decadent’ French diet, dripping in saturated fats from cheese, pate, butter, cream and alcohol from wine which runs contrary to low rates of cardiovascular disease in the French population.

Previous studies often focused on resveratrol, the antioxidant in red wine as an explanation of the paradox but, studies have found that the fermented milk components in cheese stimulate the production of an intestinal enzyme called alkaline phosphatase. This could have benefits in addition to wine by reducing systemic inflammation resulting in improved cardiovascular health.


The image of a sumptuous wedge of cheese and bottle of aged red wine is considered forbidden by current dogma yet years of research show that a French diet may lower incidence of heart disease. Although the beneficial properties of antioxidants in red wine may go some way to explain the French Paradox, the benefits may actually…

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