The Evolution of Us – Genetic Links to How Our Bodies Digest Carbohydrates

06 May

low carb for life


Amylase is a case where diet may have the potential to change our genes. Populations that have higher numbers of amylase gene copies and more amylase in their saliva tend to eat more starch and were found to digest starchy carbohydrates faster. They also displayed a higher blood glucose response to foods containing starch such as bread and pasta. There has been speculation it could represent an adaptation to the influence of diet during human evolution, perhaps associated with the shift from the low starch diet of hunter-gatherers to the high starch diets of Neolithic farmers.

It has been found that even animals that live alongside humans have diets that are different to those of their wild relatives, and these differences have led to dietary adaptations. While wolves are highly carnivorous, dogs have adapted to eating starchy human food scraps.
Amylase, which kick-starts digestion of starch in the mouth, is…

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