The Minoan Mother Goddess

21 Jul
The Minoan Mother Goddess

Minoan Magissa

Multifaceted Goddess or Many Deities?

According to numerous scholars, the primary deity in the Minoan religion was a multifaceted mother goddess who was solar in nature. Usually, “she” was depicted alongside animals (both mythical and native to the land), a male consort, and/or priestesses. While there is no true consensus, she is considered one deity with various aspects, including a mountain, dove, poppy, snake, and fertility goddess. This presumed multidimensional goddess would eventually become the Artemis, Athena, Ariadne, Medusa, etc. of the Ancient Greek pantheon. At the same time, there’s a good chance that their religion was polytheistic, and these were all separate gods with their own unique attributes. (I’ll probably create future posts about the “individual” goddesses at some point.)

Snake Goddess from the Palace of Knossos – Wikimedia User Photo by Chris73

The Maternal Snake Goddess (or Priestess)

What typically comes to…

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