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Minos Kalokairinos: The Original Excavator of Knossos

Minos Kalokairinos: The Original Excavator of Knossos

Minoan Magissa

Sir Arthur Evans tends to be the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of Knossos and its initial discovery and excavation. However, the original excavator is less widely known. His name? Minos Kalokairinos (yes, Minos!), a so-called novice archeologist, businessman, lifelong student, and antiquarian. That being said, the first excavation of this ancient Cretan site took place in 1878, not 1900 (by a Cretan person no less).

Photo taken by Wikimedia Commons User Danbu14

Minos Kalokairinos, The Palace of Minos: Mere Coincidence or Fate?

Not to get too poetic about it, but I do find it interesting that Minos shares the name of the legendary king Minos, which the Minoan civilization was named after (by Evans). Also, he was the first person to pin down the location of the Minoan ruler’s palace (also known as the Knossian Labyrinth)…

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The Minoans: The Ancestors of Modern Cretans 🧬

The Minoans: The Ancestors of Modern Cretans 🧬

Minoan Magissa

Through the use of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis of dental remains, Greek and American researchers have made strides in pinpointing the connection between modern Cretans and the “Cretans” of long ago. While this was discovered in 2013, I only just came across this information recently. Two years prior to that fated day, when I was in Crete walking around Knossos, I half-jokingly asked my aunt if we can be related to the Minoans. “Όχι βέβαια” (Of course not), she replied with a chuckle. But as far as I knew, my maternal side was Cretan: my mom, my grandma, my great-grandma, my great-great grandma… you get the point. So, the idea was not too far-fetched, especially now with a scientific backing.

Photo from Minoan Theater

Mitochondria and Maternal Ancestry

Mitochondria are the energetic powerhouses of cells, which are comprised of their own genetic code (DNA). mtDNA

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