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I am a retired archaeologist. I have worked on Minoan pottery in Crete. I have also worked on Roman and Medieval pottery in England. I enjoy Archaeology and History, also Geology and collecting fossils .I am now studying the Minoan/Mycenaean scripts writings.

summer haiku – a ginger cat = un chat roux

Minoan Linear A, Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae

summer haiku – a ginger cat = un chat rouxa ginger catscouts a blue butterfly –entente cordiale

un chat rouxguette un papillon bleu –entente cordialeRichard Vallance

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The Art Of Fermentation – Sandor Katz

low carb for life

When I began the low carb journey over two years ago, the main goal was an attempt to reverse diabetes. So far, with the help of the research, knowledge, dedication and unwavering commitment to reveal the truth about nutrition from those Magnificent Seven*, it seems to have had a miraculous effect with the added bonus of losing a surprising amount of excess weight which many others also experience. But that mission became a lifestyle which, for me, opened up a whole new world of discovery and an ever expanding list of nutritional skills including growing micro-greens for real living vegetables and fermenting to feed, not only me, but for a community of microbes inside all of us and neglected for many years despite the advice offered to us more than 2,000 years ago by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine who suggested that “All disease begins in the gut”

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The Deadliest Blogger: Military History Page

Long before George R.R. Martin penned his tale of war, intrigue and treachery the ancient world was scene to its own version of Game of Thrones.

(This is the tenth in a series concerning the Wars of the Diadochi. Part 1 can be read here, and includes comprehensive biographies of the players in this drama. It is strongly advised that you start there before reading on. The previous installment, Part 9, can be found here. Stay tuned to this blog for future installments. Special thanks to Michael Park for his indispensable help in filling in the gaps in the sources and putting-up with my incessant questions!)


We are now at the late summer of 320 B.C. Alexander the Great has been dead for three years, and his corpse is now housed in a splendid sarcophagus in Memphis, Egypt. The two kings who are heir to his legacy, his…

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summer haiku d’été – the pigeon’s shadow = l’ombre du pigeon

Minoan Linear A, Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae

summer haiku d’été – the pigeon’s shadow = l’ombre du pigeonthe pigeon’s shadowon scorching concrete...footsies ow ow!l’ombre du pigeonsur le béton brûlant pieds ouille !

Richard Vallance

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The Low Carb Diet Is Over 100 Years Old!

low carb for life

In 1917, four years before Insulin was discovered by Sir Frederick G Banting for the treatment of type I diabetes and type II diabetes was a rare condition, Diabetic Cookery by Rebecca Oppenheimer was released. What is so revealing about this book is that a low carb, high fat approach was its ultimate message. On pages 12 & 13, a list of forbidden foods and foods that are beneficial are supplied (below).

Comparing this to the NHS Eat Well Guide, published nearly 100 years later, in which nearly a third of the recommended foods are processed and starchy carbohydrates, it is not surprising that diabetes and obesity are rampant and shouldn’t we question that a low carb approach offered in 1917 and proven today as a safe and effective treatment for obesity and diabetes was ignored for so long and a low fat, high carb diet is promoted.

The 172 page…

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A Personal Side Effect of Eating Low Carb

low carb for life

Adopting a low carb lifestyle, for me, has had an interesting and enlightening side-effect. Not only eating with health in mind, but also eating with the planet in mind. A third of the world’s food is lost during production or just thrown away, 10% during cultivation, 7% after the harvest, 12% lost during processing and another 11% after it has been purchased.

A growing movement is taking steps to try and tackle this problem and one of these pioneers is Ultima, a five star restaurant in Helsinki, aiming to be a model of sustainability by going zero waste and hyper local, by growing all of their ingredients right on the premises. Crickets grown in light bulbs and herbs & vegetables grown using airponics, an approach based on circular economics where waste is seen as a resource and reducing the need for water, transport and energy.

Deforesting the land to…

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via The Acropolis Museum and the return of the Parthenon Sculptures: Back to the future – The Archaeology News Network


The Acropolis Museum and the return of the Parthenon Sculptures: Back to the future – The Archaeology News Network

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