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Takis Shelter

Takis Shelter is a haven for rescue dogs, and this is where John and I travelled to Irapetra in Crete to look for another dog in order to give it a good home.  Although I said I would not have another dog after losing Ben a few years ago, we found that the house seemed empty without him. You people out there who are animal lovers will understand what I mean. For instance, when you come back from shopping or a day out somewhere there is no one to greet you on your return, also we tend to forgo our walks which you have to do when you have a dog. We missed having Ben walking beside us, and many other little things which go with having a dog. So yesterday, Wednesday was the big day for us to go to see Takis ,that’s the owners name, to see if he had any small dogs to choose from.

We met Takis in Ierapetra who took us in his jeep  to his haven for animals, he said we would not get there in our small car. We could see why because we seemed to be travelling way up and up into the mountains. When we got to the bottom of the drive to where we had to go, lo and behold  hundreds of dogs came bounding down to meet us,just like in the film  ” Who Let the dogs Out. ” Then they  folllowed Takis to the top to wait for him. I began to think, am I going to be brave enough to get out of this jeep with all those dogs loose, as there were quite a few big dogs and I mean big dogs, as well as medium and small of course. I braved it very gingerly because Takis said they are fine and are all friendly. He was right, all they wanted to do was play even if the big ones were a bit rough and tended to push me a little.

Happy dogs 2

I have never seen such happy dogs who simply adored Takis because he loved them all, and you could see they were well looked after and obedient when he told them to behave. They have plenty of room because there are acres and acres of land and although there is a main fence around the land the animals are not penned in they are free to roam, and they do have individual kennels. These kennels were made by friends of ours who have a fencing company where they make other garden ornaments for flowers as well as sheds.

Takis & dogs 2

Takis with his dogs

We spent a couple of hours trying to make up our minds which one to take home with us, everyone knows that a dog chooses you, you don’t choose the dog and I was trying to be firm with myself, however we chose a small one who seemed to be a loner, that is to say he was sort of skirting around all the other dogs and we kept coming back to him. eventually this dog came to us very timidly at first, then became more playful.


Takis with two puppies

Takis with two adorable puppies. Following picture is of John and I with the dog we have chosen

Yes ! you’ve guessed it this is the one we chose. We named him Koko , his colour is  black and tan and reminded us of a Shetland Sheep dog. Takis told us that Koko had been with him for only  2 months and was around 2 yrs old and would make a good house dog.  Takis also advised us  to take him  to the Vet for his injections and micro chip and to check his health, re- his heart, liver and lungs etc.Koko was found wondering the streets in the rain searching for food.



John, Me & Koko

John and I with Koko.


Happy Xmas

Couldn’t resist this one.

It was at the Vetinary that I learned about the Creten breed of dog and was astonished to hear that the dog we had chosen was of the ancient breed called Kokoni, and a very important breed.  What a coincidence I had named him Koko.  Koko has a clean bill of health and fantastic brilliant white teeth. We love him already.

You can find  ‘ Takis Shelter ; on Facebook where Takis has many followers.  Below are a couple more photo’s of Koko

2008-04-01 19.33.01

2008-04-01 19.32.28

Koko. enjoying a treat.  Look at those lovely white teeth.




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