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Linear B Ancient Script Writings (Our Second Anniversary)

For those of my blogger friends who have been following my progress with the Linear B Ancient Script writings, know that I am now moving on to the University Level online with my studies. My teacher Richard Vallance, has assigned me several of the Linear B tablets dealing with Military Affairs which I must say I am delighted to have the opportunity to be able to translate, as this subject is a favourite of mine. Not only that, we are delighted to announce that Linear B  Knossos & Mycenae reached its second anniversary on May 1st So what have we accomplished in the past two years? A great deal indeed. The following are some of the highlights.

1, The discovery, extrapolation, collation and classification of SUPERSYLLABOGRAMS  in Mycenaean Linear B, of which there are 34 ( to date ) out of 6l Syllabograms in Linear B , excluding counting Homophones ( with the sole exception of RAI – saffron .

2. We have entered into close partnership with The Association of Historical Studies, Koryvantes ( Athens, Greece ) where we have been assigned our own category for posting on their blog. As a result of this Richard has been invited to give a lecture at the conference  ” Thinking Symbols”  ( June 30th – July 2nd 2015) Sponsored by the Association of Historical Studies (Koryvantes),  Athens. at the Pultusk Academy of the Humanities just outside Warsaw. While Richard is there I have to get on with my Linear B Military translations.

Please go to Original post to read more of what we have accomplished.


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