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A Roman Villa in the Cotswolds

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The 4th century A.D. in Britain is viewed by many as a golden age, and the Cotswolds  was the richest and most peaceful area of Roman Britain. Then, as now , wealth was concentrated in the hands of the few, especially public officials, benefiting from corrupt and wildly inefficient’ economy  of the later Roman Empire. Here in the Cotswolds , England is where the remains of the famouse  Chedworth Roman  Villa   stand.


Looking out from the main villa buildings today it is easy to imagine that the view has not changed to much in centuries. Nestling in a combe, at the head of a shallow valley enclosed on all but the eastern side, there is nothing modern or intrusive as far as the eye can see, just woodland,fields, dry-stone walls, hedges and sky. In fact the sense of remoteness and tranquillity  is greater now than it has been in the past. If you…

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Newly found Chinese artifacts illuminate mysterious ancient kingdom 


Wed, June 15, 2022, 7:06 AM

Wang Xi

A bronze altar and a dragon with a pig’s nose are among a trove of items discovered in sacrificial pits that shed new light on the buried secrets of an ancientChinese civilization.

Archaeologists on Monday announced the “significant” series of finds at the Sanxingdui ruins in China’s southwestern Sichuan province, according to theteam behind the digand the state-run Xinhua news agency.

A team including academics from Peking University and Sichuan University foundthousands of items including intricate bronze, gold and jade items, and what it called the unprecedented discovery of 10 bronzes. Experts say the finds date back 3,000 to 4,500 years.

Discovered in the late 1920s, Sanxingdui is one of the key Chinese archaeological sites. Experts think its treasures once belonged to the ancient Shu kingdom, which dates back 4,800 years and lasted 2,000 years.

The new…

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The Great Plant-Based Con – Why Eating a Plants-Only Diet Won’t Improve Your Health or Save the Planet

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Plant-based is best for health, go vegan to help save the planet, eat less meat… Almost every day we are bombarded with the seemingly incontrovertible message that we must reduce our consumption of meat and dairy – or eliminate them from our diets altogether.


But what if the pervasive message that the plant-based diet will improve our health and save the planet is misleading – or even false? What if removing animal foods from our diet is a serious threat to human health, and a red herring in the fight against climate change.

In THE GREAT PLANT-BASED CON, Jayne Buxton demonstrates that each of these ‘what-ifs’ is, in fact, a reality. Drawing on the work of numerous health experts and researchers, she uncovers how the separate efforts of a constellation of individuals, companies and organisations are leading us down a dietary road that will have severe repercussions for our health…

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‘We’re still here’: past and present collide at a Native American boarding school

‘We’re still here’: past and present collide at a Native American boarding school


Sherman Indian high school – previously called the Sherman Institute – in 1903.Photograph: Sepia Times/UIG/Getty Images

Sherman Indian high school is among the last remnants of a brutal history that students and government are reckoning with

With other students’ eyes on her, Wicahpi Medicine’s heart raced, but as she started dancing, she felt proud to embody her Lakota heritage. The beads on her jingle dress swished and her long braids bounced as she moved quickly and lightly in her moccasins.

“People think that we’re extinct – they think we don’t really exist anymore,” said the 17-year-old student, who goes by Kimmi. Dancing at Sherman Indian high school cultural week, she said she was showing “we are still here”.

Medicine is one of more than 200 students from 76 Native American tribes who come from across the country to attend the all-Native American boarding school, which opened in Riverside, California…

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