The Archaeology News Network: Honduras expedition discovers untouched ruins

The Archaeology News Network: Honduras expedition discovers untouched ruins.

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A Sonnet for Linear B

I found this SONNET written by a Graduate Student archaeologist while she was visiting the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford  I think she was supposed to be writing some essays, and included this Sonnet, which I find rather appropriate seeing that I am studying Linear B. Her name is Sarah Hawley.  Thank you Sarah !.


The Pylos archives bring me to my knees

The pinnacle of pinacology

I have no life, you say; I don’t agree

I have no friends, but I have Linear B

Oh, Tn 316 can thrill me more:

The human sacrifice; a hasty plea

Your text meant naught, alas Hand 44-

All kingdoms fade to dust eventually

The po-ro-ko-re-te (Vice  Governor ) wants fifty sheep-

Such poetry sends joy throughout my soul !

Redistribution haunts me in my sleep-

Obsession, yes, my passion takes its toll

I welcome scorn, for desperate as I seem,

I much prefer my Mycenaean dream.

I wonder what Sarah’s dream was



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Roman tombstone of “Bodica” found in Cirencester

Roman tombstone of “Bodica” found in Cirencester.


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An Ancient City Is Discovered Underwater. What They Found Will Change History Forever

An Ancient City Is Discovered Underwater. What They Found Will Change History Forever.


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CT scan reveals mummy inside Buddha statue

CT scan reveals mummy inside Buddha statue.


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Discovery of the Earliest American Genes

Examination of a 12,000 – to – 13,000 year old skeleton has confirmed a genetic link between Palaeoamericans  and Native Americans living today. The skeleton of a 15- or- 16 year girl -called Naia by the team who discovered her- was found 40m below sea level inside  Hoyo Negro’, a pit within an underwater cave on the Yukatan  Peninsula.

Divers searching in the underwater pit Hoya Negro

Divers in the underwater pit Hoyo Negro

Divers recovering remains of Naia's skull

Divers recovering the remains from the bottom of the pit

Naia's upper right third molor

Naia’s upper right molar used for  radiocarbon dating and DNA extraction.

The remains were so well preserved that scientists were able to  extract and amplify her DNA to study the genetic material. A report published in Science by an international team led by James Chatters, reveals that the mitochondrial DNA from one of Naia’s molars shows a maternal genetic lineage also found  in modern Native Americans. It was long believed that Native Americans were not directly descended from the Palaeoamericans to arrive on the continent because of significant differences in their skull morphology, while Palaeoamericans’ skulls have a short projecting, angular face, Native Americans have a long, wide face without projection and with prominent cheek bones .However, the DNA  evidence now proves many Native Americans have the same ancestors as these first pioneers , who continued to evolve after their arrival in the Americas.

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My ‘Hadrian 1900′ project

Originally posted on FOLLOWING HADRIAN:

No other Roman emperor travelled as much as Hadrian. He was famed for his endless journeys around the empire and we can say that Hadrian, with the exception of the years during which he remained in Rome (119-120, 126-127 and the final years of his reign), devoted at least half of his reign to the inspection of the provinces. My fascination for Hadrian and my passion for travelling has motivated me to follow him in his footsteps.

2017 will mark the 1,900th anniversary of Hadrian’s accession as emperor. I want to take this opportunity to celebrate Hadrian’s legacy in a even more exciting way. The commemoration will last for 31 years, from 2017 to 2038. I usually try to use Hadrian’s journeys as a leading thread for my own adventures but with this project I want to go one step further. My aim is to try to follow Hadrian’s…

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