Guest post: How Hadrian helped rebuild the Pantheon

16 May
Guest post: How Hadrian helped rebuild the Pantheon


Learn about how Hadrian created the Pantheon as we know it today from the ruins of previous temples built by Marcus Agrippa and Domitian. A guest post by Context Travel Tours.

Hadrian – the great unifier of the Roman Empire, the admirer of Athens, the architect, the poet, the visionary. As one of Rome’s most successful emperors, and one of the “five good emperors”, his accomplishments stretched to the furthest extremes of the Empire, and his name became associated with some of the most momentous building projects in the history of man.

Hadrian, of course, was responsible for the eponymous wall which marked the northern limits of Britannia. His love for Ancient Greece saw him rebuild and regenerate huge portions of Athens, he constructed the vast Temple of Venus and Roma, and he built what is still today, the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. The Pantheon, a…

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